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NONNA ROSI - Cartoceto - Katia Buresta’s Farm

The products of Nonna Rosi (Grandma Rosi) have their roots in the vegetable garden of “La locanda del Gelso” (“The Jasmine Inn”) farm and restaurant located in the enchanting hills of Cartoceto. She pays great attention to the cultivation of her vegetable patches, orchards, and fields spread out over her 13 hectare farm.

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Artichokes in extra virgin olive oil - Nonna Rosi


Delicate artichoke hearts in extra virgin olive oil, with parsley, garlic
sea salt, white wine vinegar.
The artichokes are picked fresh and the external leaves are removed. Then they are peeled, blanched and boiled in delicate white wine vinegar.
Processed entirely by hand, naturally, without additives
They can be used as a classic appetizer, on bruschetta or pizza, to accompany fish dishes, meat, pasta or salads.

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Basil sauce - Nonna Rosi


A handmade, pure, natural product without additives. A perfect blend of well-ripened tomatoes with fresh, slightly sweet basil, lightly peppered, with garlic, onion, extra-virgin olive oil and salt. The processing takes place with extreme delicacy and attention to keep the quality of the ingredient perfect.

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Creamed artichokes - Nonna Rosi


This delicious cream is made using only the most tender artichokes,
with garlic, salt and wine vinegar added to enhance the taste, in extra virgin olive oil.
With a delicate flavor and a soft, dense consistency, perfect for
seasoning pasta, to accompany aperitifs on croutons and slices of bread.

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GOLD Tomato Passata (tomato paste) - Nonna Rosi


Homemade, with an intense taste and colour. The small datterino and cherry tomatoes, both particularly aromatic and sweet, are boiled in their own juice and then passed through a sieve with fine mesh. Cultivated, processed and packaged directly at the farm in the hills of Cartoceto. Does not contain salt. This is a classic product of Italian cuisine, suitable as a base for pasta sauces, pizza and stews.

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Large tomato chunks - Nonna Rosi


Prepared by hand, in a natural, healthywithout additives. Tasty and fragrant, they are a natural preserve. The tomatoes are washed, cut, packed tightly and sterilized, retaining all their taste and aroma. They can be used to flavour focacce, broths and soups.

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Tomato Passata (tomato paste) - Nonna Rosi


Handmade from tomatoes grown and processed directly at the farm in the hills of Cartoceto, passata is the fastest and most convenient way to use tomatoes, preserving their bright red colour and velvety texture. Does not contain salt. Ideal for dishes with limited cooking times.

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