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Camburino - Pergola Passito DOC- Pandolfi Orsini


The Aleatico is a grape with a generous qualitative potential, in the passito version. The colour is accentuated in a lively ruby, the aromas are concentrated in their original identity with notes of balsamic herbs, such as mint, bay leaves, cloves and nuances of small red fruits. The velvety softness of the sugar concentration caresses the palate in an elegant and sinuous way, leaving a pleasant chinotto nut flavor in the background.

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Le Villacce - Wine and Visciole (sour cherries) - Mauri


Ruby red in colour with violet and purple reflections, it has remarkable consistency. With extraordinary balance, the bouquet is intense, complex and fine: the note of sour cherry clearly emerges, together with hints of other small ripe berries in a splendid balance with a moderate alcoholic note. On the palate the wine is sweet, warm and soft, pleasantly tannic and with a delicate sensation of freshness.

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Adele - Wine and Visciole (sour cherries) - Corte Luceoli


An excellent, relaxing wine, which thanks to the wise combination of black grapes, sugar and sour cherries gives birth to this Visciola (sour cherry) flavoured wine, with a dry and finely tannic flavor, with a ruby red colour tending to garnet, with an intense aroma of black cherry, with hints of cocoa and toasted hazelnuts.

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