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Sliced summer truffles - Tontini


Skilful conservation in pots permits the use of the black truffle throughout the year, keeping the precious characteristics almost totally unchanged. Seasoning for pasta dishes, meat and fish carpaccio, omelettes and hot crusty dishes.

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Tartufata (truffle sauce) - Tontini


Ready to use summer black truffle sauce either on its own or diluted with broth stock, olive oil or cooking cream. Do not heat or overcook the product to prevent the truffle scent from being dispersed. An ideal dressing for pasta dishes, omelettes, white meats, hot crusty dishes and fillings

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White truffle sauce - Tontini


Ready to use, can be diluted with vegetable stock. Do not overheat in order to preseve the aroma of the truffles. Seasoning for pasta dishes, finger food, steamed fish, purées, boiled, roasted and grilled meats.

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