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OLEIFICIO ROSA – Piticchio di Arcevia

For nearly three centuries, the olive oil presses of the Oleificio Rosa have produced only superior-quality extra virgin olive oil. Transforming the olives of the Arcevia hills into an oil with a distinctive aroma with genuine, fresh and lively characteristics is only possible where there is a strong passion for tradition and production processes. The company makes use of both the traditional method, crushing the olives with granite millstones, as well as the modern method of extraction and storage in stainless steel containers. The harvesting, selection and processing of the olives all takes place within 24 hours.

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Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil - Rosa


Superior oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical procedures that retain the nutritional and physical characteristics of extra virgin olive oil, preserving its properties and enhancing its benefits once consumed. Cold pressing extracts the best part of the olives, keeping their minerals, vitamins and antioxidant substances intact.

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Rosemary-flavoured extra virgin olive oil - Rosa


Product obtained from the infusion of rosemary leaves in extra virgin olive oil. Use on meat, in combination with salad legumes (chickpeas, beans). Ecellent when used raw on pumpkin and courgette creams, or in combination with curry-type spices.

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Melon conserve - Rosa


Melon is one of the main fruits of the summer season. Refreshing, rich in vitamins and minerals, it is an excellent supplement against heat; its sweet pulp makes it balanced on the palate with both sweet and savoury foods. The conserve obtained from this fruit is an excellent accompaniment, even in winter, with cheeses and sausages. It is also delicious at breakfast on a slice of toast.

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Fig conserve - Rosa


Produced with sun-ripened fruit on the hills of Arcevia and expertly processed with the addition of sugar according to ancient recipes of the Marche tradition, this conserve is excellent for preparing tarts, eaten on its own or in combination with cold cuts, soft or mature cheeses or  or as a dessert with yoghurt and ricotta

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