List of products by brand Oltremondo Birrificio Contadino


The artisanal Oltremondo brewery was the brainchild of three friends, trying their hand at brewing for fun in a garage at home. In 2011 they started to grow barley intended for brewing beer using a rented field. In 2014 they started production in earnest. In 2015, they switched to organic production. Their beers are the result of passion and local origins: in fact, all the names of their products are taken from the peasant history and traditions of the Marche region.

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Maesa - Blond Ale - Oltremondo


High fermentation beer, deep gold colour, not filtered or pasteurized, refermented in the bottle. Characterized by the use of the same type of hop both for the bittertaste and for the aroma, it has a balanced taste of delicate sweet notes of malt and fruit, with a slightly bitter finish.

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