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Mauri Maurizio Farm - Lunano

This company was founded in 1980 in the hills of Montefeltro. 15 years later, a passion for the land and a dedication to its natural produce led Maurizio to make wine according to a recipe dating back to 1950 and drew on the recollected knowledge of his grandparents. The entire production of the farm uses strictly artisanal and manual methods.

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Le Villacce - Wine and Visciole (sour cherries) - Mauri


Ruby red in colour with violet and purple reflections, it has remarkable consistency. With extraordinary balance, the bouquet is intense, complex and fine: the note of sour cherry clearly emerges, together with hints of other small ripe berries in a splendid balance with a moderate alcoholic note. On the palate the wine is sweet, warm and soft, pleasantly tannic and with a delicate sensation of freshness.

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Sun-dried Visciole (sour cherries) - Mauri


The method used to produce this delicacy still follows the same artisanal,  manual procedure employed for generations. The sour cherries are scrupulously gathered in the rural countryside and then exposed to the sun, together with sugar, for about 40 days. After a series of natural processes, the product is ready to maintain the properties of the fruit, its taste and its colour. With a strong flavour, they offer boundless goodness to eat on their own at the end of a meal, combined with cheeses or to make desserts, tarts or cheesecake.

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Thick Visciole (sour cherry) jam - Mauri


Visciole (sour cherry) jam is an excellent product that brings the flavours of a bygone time to the palate; produced exclusively with the pick of the first fruit crop, harvested manually and with the addition of sugar only. The history of sour cherry jam started with the need of previous generations to preserve abundant fruit to be consumed during the winter when there was none to be found in the countryside.

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