Marche Prelibate was born from an encounter between Alessandro, from Milan, and Simone, from Pesaro DOC: two entrepreneurs united by a passion for authentic and traditional cuisine, able to combine taste with healthy eating.

During long business meetings that turned into small "banquets", both men, almost without realizing it, found they were developing an increasingly detailed and practical project… and in 2014 they started an e-commerce site that introduced the products they loved to the world.

Alessandro and Simone undertook careful research and selected the most authentic examples of food and wine excellence in the Marche region, meeting with independent producers, small farmers and local young entrepreneurs: people with a strong bond to their land who know how to combine their traditions with the most innovative modes of production.

Many of the products selected by Alessandro and Simone are the result of small agricultural production, sometimes available only in a limited quantity and recognised with certifications and awards... but the most important test remains the tasting: each of the Marche Prelibate products is, first and foremost, an emotion.

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